Monday, July 22, 2013

DIY ESS Kit - Kit #1 for Sale, Now it's your turn !

Now that the Kit Building Documentation, the Components List, the User Manual are finished, and that the first 5 Arduino Leonardo boards have been shipped to me, I am happy to announce that I can start selling the first kit of my LiFePO4 DIY ESS : Kit #1 for 490 EUR

Now it's your turn !

DIY ESS Kit #1 is composed of the base to build your own LiFePO4 ESS :

- The brain of the system : Arduino Leonardo board flashed with my Program : Save hundreds of hours of testing, tuning and programming


- The Kit Building Documentation: Detailed steps to build the ESS, even if you are not a specialist 

- The Components List: Simply lists all the Components needed and the Vendors contact details

- The User Manual: The daily use instructions, including Safety and Battery Pack protection hints

  And this is what you should get:

If you want to purchase the DIY ESS Kit #1, please get in touch with me by Email providing your Name & Shipping Address


  1. Christophe, can you give a rough estimate of the cost of the items in the Components List (to indicate a total system cost)?


  2. Hi Trevor,

    Yes, as I wrote on the blog main page, it should be around 3,000 EUR.
    But I built mine for less, at around 2,800 EUR roughly I think, with some used Kilovac contactors for example; If you shop well, use eBay (not for the cells !) , you can save here and there, and it adds up



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