Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Vectrix turns 36,000km


  1. I can see that the summer in Paris is just as cold as the summer in Amsterdam! Still using the thermoscud :-)

    Unfortunately my Vectrix is already 3 weeks at the dealer for repairs. Only a few kilometres before turning 40.000 the main fuse failed. Pretty dangerous experience!
    Spare parts for the Vectrix is still e nightmare!

    1. Hi Mico,
      Summer is not great, but anyways I always leav the cover on because it is cool in the morning even in summer and if it rains, it is a great protection; If it is very hot, I just fold it upfront between my knees and put my feet straight, that's it ...
      Wow 3 weeks to replace a fuse ? you could find it yourself probably; Isn't it a Ferraz Shawmut 200A ?
      One day I will convert it to LiFePO4 using CALB CA40FI cells; I will keep my Runke charger and install a Kilovac + Progammable Volmeter to cut off the charge at 3.55V x numbe rof cells ;-) ...


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