Wednesday, June 12, 2013

EVTV Friday Show - May 31, 2013

- Tesla Test Drive
- Toyota SR5 Charger Upgrade
- High Performance Electric Vehicle Systems new AC line - including 150kW AC system for less than $10K
- The VW Thing Electric - heat and a NEW DC-DC converter model
- EVCCON 2013
- EVTV.EU battery testing and European deliveries


Jack tested the Model S at Tesla Saint Louis

Toyota Tacoma new charger

EVtv Warehouse in Amsterdam: Anne is bottom balancing CALB cells in mass and seating DC motors brushes at the same time - good idea ! -

Speedster Nippon goes to ... Japan

Beautifully integrated JLD404 - Bravo Brian ! -

HPEVS AC Motor line : graphs with Torque, Horse Power, Current & Battery Voltage

VW Thing progress : Heating system installed

Oops, CALB CA60FI missing ... customers first :-)

DC-DC beefy converter - 800W -

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