Sunday, June 16, 2013

DIY ESS - Variable Fan Speed with PWM & Thermistor

This morning, I am experimenting and trying to find a simple solution to make the ESS Fan accelerate when the temperature in the Metal Cabinet is rising and slow down when it is back to an acceptable value

As you already know, the fan is controlled by a PWM kit that I soldered 2 weeks ago and I can adjust its speed using the PWM kit potentiometer; That is already a good step, but I would like to make it better

In the Arduino starter kit I got a year ago, there was a Thermistor and I used it between the negative and the variable output pin of the potentiometer: It looks like it is working, and you can see the pictures and video where I increase or decrease the fan speed using an ice pack and a soldering iron to make the Thermistor resistance change based on the temperature changes

Thermistor temperature

Ice pack temperature

Soldering iron temperature

Cooling the Thermistor after heating it up

Fan speed changes ...

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