Monday, June 10, 2013

DIY ESS - Soldering of the PWM kit and Using it ... for the Fan Speed Control

Last sunday, I finally took some time to solder the PWM kit I got few weeks ago

A little test with a 12V AGM battery and a small motor

It worked !

But when I tested it instead of the capacitor and resistor on the Tyco Kilovac EV200A1ANA, then I got smoke and blew the 2A fuse on the 24V line ... after hearing the contactor having difficulties to close properly with its usual big clap. There must have been too much consumption from the coil to close I guess and the MOSFET was burning hot !

So I kept the resistor & capacitor Economizer solution for the Kilovac, tested for sevral weeks now, and   used this PWM kit for the fan speed control on the metal cabinet, manual control that is for now

After long tests with the fan at different speeds, nothing was over heating, and it seemed like a good match

So I plugged it on 24V line of the ESS to further test it with the voltage it will get when mounted in line on the switched 24V

24V taken at the source, right after the 2A fuse


  1. Hi,
    thanks for using my kit :)
    I don't understand why the mosfet was so hot and why you burn your fuse. The mosfet is rated more than 100v/5A. But 24v is maybe a bit much for the lm317 without heatsink.
    Let me know if you have some problems, i'll correct my design !

    1. Hi Nerick, I was trying to use it to apply a small voltage on the contractor relay but it did not seam to be good idea. I found a good way to make an economizer for this Kilovac EV200

    2. EV200A1ANA using a resistor and big capacitor, see my following posts on this - I still use it like this a year after -
      But I am still using your PWM kit for the fan speed, adjusted manually btw, it works great on 24V directly ... I might order more from you in bigger quantities since I am preparing to sell a Kit #2 with all the components of the ESS

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