Sunday, June 2, 2013

DIY ESS - Found the metal cabinet & 24V fan

Found it the same day ! 
I found this IKEA metallic cabinet half price yesterday in the exact same neighborhood we were hanging out in, Marais in Paris
We put that in the LEAF and went back home

I chose this model out of all the IKEA cabinets because it seems to be available worldwide, and can hold 5kWh pack and 10kWh pack, so you can upgrade later if you want twithout changing this part

Right after that, I went to an electronic parts store not far and got a 24V big fan to get all the hot air out of this new enclosure for my system; Also got the matching long 4mm screws and bolts, some 2W resistors, and a red long piece of heatshrink

It is pretty configurable, but I think I will remove all the shelves and leave it empty

So all this has to go in there

And all the heat generated by chargers or grid tie inverters, should get out through holes I will drill in the upper part of the cabinet, and holes already exist at the very bottom for air intake

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