Monday, June 3, 2013

DIY ESS - 24V fan mounted in the metal cabinet & components destinations

Update on the IKEA metal cabinet :

I drilled 4 holes to mount the 24V fan in the upper front left corner of the metal cabinet last night ...

 ... since the grid tie inverters should be positionned on the left upper shelf

Underneath, I will place the Control Board / EMS 

On the right, there is room for the 8 cells battery pack, and even for double, 16 cells, to upgrade to 10kWh, maybe later, if necessary ... 

Also, the right shelf is not used since the cells are 30cm high, but I found that putting it on top of the right bottom (rather thin) piece of metal will make the whole thing stronger to hold the 6*8 = 48kg of the battery pack


  1. Great! I look forward to more photos.

  2. Thanks, maybe tonight if I am not too tired ... at least I will drill big holes to let the air get out with the fan and will test the aire flow using a the small 12V AGM baatery on the picture, 24V is much to fast IMO


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