Friday, May 31, 2013

Tesla Supercharger Network to Triple This Summer & Charge Rate Kicked Up to 120 kW

The Much-Anticipated Announcement Has Arrived

Tesla Motors is planning “a dramatic acceleration of the Supercharging network,” says CEO Elon Musk.

Supercharger Tripling Map (End of June Umm Summer)

“It’ll be tripled,” commented Musk.

“We’ll put the map live tomorrow,” remarked Musk yesterday.

Well, now it’s live. So, what’s the big Supercharger news?

Exactly what Musk sort of revealed to the world yesterday. He even remarked yesterday that he “let the cat out of the bag,” so to say.

Tesla’s Supercharger network will triple in size by the end of June or Summer as Tesla now says.. Yes, that’s this June Summer. So, it’ll expand from today’s 8 Supercharger stations to somewhere in the neighborhood of 25-ish by June 30, 2013.

Supercharger Network in 6 Months

Beyond that, Musk says the Supercharger network will be expanded to allow for Los Angeles to New York (City, we assume) trips to be entirely doable in a Model S by year’s end. That’s a distance of 2,789.3 miles, in case you were wondering.

As Musk remarked:
“It is very important to address this issue of long-distance travel. When people buy a car, they’re also buying a sense of freedom, the ability to go anywhere they want and not feel fettered.”

Beyond expansion though is word of more juice flowing soon. Here’s what Tesla had to say of that:

Far-Off Future Supercharger Network…Think End of 2015-ish

“In addition to the expansion of the Tesla Supercharger network itself, Tesla is improving the technology behind the Tesla Supercharger to dramatically decrease the amount of time it takes to charge Model S, cutting charging time in half relative to early trials of the system. The new technology, which is in beta test mode now and will be fully rolled out to customers this summer, will allow Model S to be charged at 120 kW, replenishing three hours of driving in just over 20 minutes.”

Supercharger Graphic

Here are a few highlights, focused mainly on upcoming locations, from Tesla’s Supercharger announcement:
Triple the number of Tesla Supercharger stations by the end of next month, including additional stations in California, coverage of the northwest region from Vancouver to Seattle to Portland, Austin to Dallas in Texas, Illinois and Colorado. There will also be four additional eastern seaboard stations, expanding the density of the network to provide for more convenient stopping points.
Within six months the Tesla Supercharger network will connect most of the major metro areas in the US and Canada, including expansion into Arizona, additional stations in Texas, Florida, and the Midwest, stations connecting Ottawa to Montreal, and across North and South Carolina into Georgia. It will also be possible to travel diagonally across the country from Los Angeles to New York using only the Tesla Supercharger network.
A year from now, the Tesla Supercharger network will stretch across the continent, covering almost the entire population of the US and Canada. The expansion of the network will mean that Model S drivers can take the ultimate road trip — whether that’s LA to New York, Vancouver to San Diego, or Montreal to Miami – without spending a cent on fuel.

Editor’s Note: See the various graphics below for existing Supercharger locations, as well as proposed sites for future expansion of the charging network. Further down below you’ll find Tesla’s entire press release.

Tesla’s Proposed by 2015 Supercharger Sites

Current SuperCharger locations 


Source: InsideEVs

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