Friday, May 17, 2013

New Small Electric Buses in Marseille !

During my vacation week in Marseille, I saw the new Electric Bus the city launched few weeks ago
It can take you around the harbor for 50cts only and has frequent stops

That's what I had been thinking of for the last years: replace big diesel buses with smaller fully Electric buses
Marseille did it ! and it is pretty cool ...

Disable very easy access because the bus floor is at the level of the curb and it has a wide sliding door

On-board the mini electric bus in Marseille - Video -

Behind the driver

Talking with the driver, he said they are charged at night only and that a bus charged up in the morning will be usable from 9AM to 3PM and replaced by another wave of fully charged buses doing the other shift from  3PM to 8PM

But when I asked him where the battery pack was located, he guessed wrong saying "under the seats ?", and  I told him that it was actually "on the roof" - I read that online while studying the bus the night before -

Electric Mini Bus Dashboard

This is the 50 cents ticket

I just loved the - fish like - scales on the sides, front and back of the bus, a very nice touch


Electric Bus Line going around the harbor and back

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