Thursday, May 16, 2013

New Electric presents EVTV Amsterdam Warehouse and NedCraft Conversion

News from Amsterdam with Anne Kloppenborg from New Electric :
NedCraft Silverback converted to electric drive
- EVtv European Warehouse in Amsterdam

New Electric and EVTV Motor Verks have teamed up to form the EVTV Amsterdam Warehouse. Through our warehouse webshop we can now serve the EU conversion army with all the EV parts goodness that EVTV has on offer.
In the meanwhile we're putting the parts to good use in the conversion of the NedCraft Silverback for our customer Admiraal Hein.
Exciting times for the team from Amsterdam, and while in the spotlight we decide to do wats right and incorperate!

NedCraft Silverback converted to electric drive (in one week end !!)

EVTV shipment: From Cape Girardeau to Amsterdam

CALB CA Series Cells shipment 

New Electric is now incorporated !

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