Monday, May 20, 2013

LiFePO4 ESS - User settings can be modified and saved in the EEPROM

Users can now change Variables in my DIY ESS program and save them in the EEPROM for the next runs; This is a major enhancement and I think it will be usefull

If necessary, the users will be able to plug their Mac or PC to the Arduino board via a regular USB cable and see the log displayed by the program

If some of the frequency, sensitivity, thresholds need to be adjusted, it can be done using a simple code letter and value:

i.e.: 'd100' + Enter will change the delay between two readings from the original 50ms to 100ms, and if this is happens to be a good value for the behaviour of his ESS, the user can save it typing 'save' + Enter

The modified value(s) will then be located in the Arduino's EEPROM (Read Only Memory) and will reside there even if the power is switched Off, for the next runs

At start up, the ESS arduino board program will read values stored in the EEPROM and use them 

Typing 'config' + Enter, the program will display all the variables stored in the EEPROM

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