Tuesday, May 21, 2013

LiFePO4 ESS - Crimping again - 35mm2 cables

Let's crimp again !  :-)

This sunday, I cut & crimped 35mm2 cables to replace the small doubled ones that could not hold high current too long ...

Now this is much better 

35mm2 copper cable into 35mm2 / 8mm lug

screwed onto the GTI side Tyco Kilovac contactor

and onto the postivie battery pack terminal

First link from the battery pack to the contactor : Done

Since I could not find any red 35mm2 cable, I just put some red tape on both ends to mark it "RED"

Here, all the cables have been replaced by 35mm2 ones; 2 mores: 
- From battery pack negative terminal to the GTI stack negative terminal
- From GTI side Tyco Kilovac contactor to the GTI stack positive terminal

Now I can put the GTI stcak and the chargers at a 1.5m distance from the battery pack and ESS Control Board / EMS - Energy Management System - ; I am planning on putting all these just outside the window to be able to charge at night - low rate - and sleep normaly - all this is in my bedroom :-) - 

GTI side Tyoc Kilovac contactor

GTI stack

Battery pack terminals

LiFePO4 ESS Battery pack

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