Wednesday, May 29, 2013

USA New Energy Storage Bill : Home owners can install their own ESS and get 30% off in tax credit !

US senators introduce energy storage bill

U.S. Senators have introduced a Storage Technology for Renewable and Green Energy Act for 2013. This Act, also known as the STORAGE Act, will promote the deployment of energy storage technologies in the U.S. All storage technologies are supported by the bill.

I read in this article that Home Owners could get a 30% tax credit building their own DIY ESS, which I think is great :-)

"Home owners can also install their own storage solutions. The Act will provide for 30% tax credit for homeowners for on-site energy storage to store off-peak electricity from solar panels for use when needed during peak hours."

Maybe some americans could be interested in my DIY ESS since they could pay only 70% of its cost ... which should be close to 3,000 USD after incentive (maybe less since many components can be found in the US). Pretty cool, things are starting to move...

My DIY ESS is doing exactly this, automatically:

Source: PV Magazine

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