Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Go Motorboard 2000X at the park / Broken throttle spring

Last sunday, after charging my Go Motorboard 2000X, I took it to the park for the kids who enjoyeda lot and taking turns withfriends who were discovering it (parents too since it was the first time I brought it there)

After an hour or so, my son came to me saying that the throttle was loose, and for the first time, I realized that the spring might have broke or detach itself, so they continued with two fingers on it, one for accelarting, the other one for pushing it back to stop acceleration

Once home, I opened the throttle assembly to try fix this spring

This is what it looks like inside: a PCB and a big potentiometer

These LEDs are showing the state of charge

Bottom line: the spring was broken in two, and after trying for a little hour extending it, I could not make this work; So a quick fix was to put a thick rubber band externally that will do the exact same thing ...

Go Motorboard 2000X next to the ESS (One day I will convert it to LiFePO4 ... with small cells)

After some testing and curling, it works fine !

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