Friday, April 5, 2013

Nissan and DBT-CEV installed a Fast Charging Station between Rennes and Nantes (France)

Nissan and DBT-CEV just finish the installation of a Fast Charging Station between two French big cities, Rennes and Nantes, at a small supermarket called U Express near Grand Fougeray

This is good news and it is the way to go : "Inter-City Fast Charging"  like Jack Rickard always says: "You don't need Level 2 charging stations in town", because most of the time you charged at home and with higher range in EVs nowadays, most likely you will fill up at home again when you're back from town; But if you have to go far, then you will for sure need to charge on the way, and quickly, and that is when and where you need DC or AC fast chargers ...

Following Nissan's rules, these chargers are given but the charge has to be free for at least one year (free electricity paid by the store owner)

Here is the ChargeMap point for this charge location: with all the details

Some locals alreday tried it yesterday and took some pictures available on the ChargeMap link above; Here is one of them:

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