Monday, April 22, 2013

New EV Quick Charger website platform by DBT-CEV

DBT CEV making and installing CHAdeMO DC Fast Chargers given by Nissan in Europe has launched a dedicated website to help locate them 

" We’re launching a new mini-website dedicated to the “European Quick Charging Network” Program currently lead by our partner Nissan Europe. With already 200 fast chargers installed in more than 15 countries across the continent (from Moscow to Dublin, from Norway to Italy) European drivers of fast charging compatible electric vehicles (Nissan™, Renault™, Citroën™, Peugeot™, Mitsubishi™, Toyota™, …) are now able to charge 100% of their battery in less than 30 minutes. This new “UNIVERSAL QUICK CHARGER” website allows you to localize currently available fast chargers as well as discover our full line of universal quick chargers, whatever your charging need (parking lot, highway stop, shopping center, railway station, etc.). "

Check it out here

Source: DBT CEV 

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