Friday, April 12, 2013

NEW 2013 LEAF Pricing down to 17,290 EUR in France with Battery Pack Rental

Announced in Oslo, Norway, recently, this is the - good  - news of the day: The Nissan LEAF price tag drops to 17,290 EUR in France - after government incentive of 7,000 EUR - with the New battery pack rental option - New too -, and no CHAdeMO plug and no CARWINGS

It is half the price of the original LEAF (the one I have and paid 32,000 EUR after 5,000 EUR incentive) ... but it's ok, I got it among the first ones and more than a year and a half ago, so ...

Here are the 3 levels of trim

and the Battery pack rental plans

For more details see the great post of Yoann on Automobile Propre (in French)

Source: Automobile Propre

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