Monday, April 29, 2013

LiFePO4 DIY ESS - Charger Stuff

If you remember the last time I got 3 24V LiFePO4 Chargers, one of them did not blow any air and went into an over-temperature situation; I had my Hong Kong contact send me another one and it arrived last night

The new charger is exactly like the six others, except this blue sticker instead of orange

Only now I decided to open the problem charger, and discovered that its fan connector was simply not plugged into the charger PCB ... This was easy to fix ! :-)

I then replugged it the the ESS Control Board / EMS to test it and the fan started spinning right away :-) 

Now, let's prepare this new charger to connect it with the other ones: 
Always the same thing: remove the original US AC plug, strip the wires and apply solder to make it stronger; On the DC side, remove the plug, strip the wires and solder 8mm lug on positive and 6mm lug for negative 

Done !

So I now have 7 Low Power Chargers to feed my battery pack, and had to plug 2 on the same AC port, together pushing 650W

The stack is getting a bit high with 7 chargers !

2 chargers are connected to the same AC port

7 x 92W = 650W (roughly)

It is tight, but all the DC chargers cables fit

This is the new charger positive lug

and the negative one

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