Wednesday, April 10, 2013

EVTV Friday Show - March 29, 2013

- VW Thing :

  - Siemens AC Motor Installation 
  - DMOC 645 Inverter installation 
  - Cooling System strategy 
  - Rear Battery Box fabrication

- 2008 Cadillac Elescalade : Heating system AGAIN and again

- Tesla's Tuesday surprise ...

We start with a 3-bottle wooden box, gift from EV West in San Diego

and some wine testing

Guess what: the Solid State Relay Jack used for his Escalade heating system failed closed = draining the battery pack again

So he is adding a contactor ! a Tyco Kilovac EV200AAANA as usual, that seems to be the only one you can trust (and this is why I also chose to use two of them for my DIY ESS)

A new, bigger tank for hot water

New SSR - Solid State Relay - with big aluminum heat sink and the Tyco Kilovac Contactor wired in series

The Contactor will be used to apply power to the heating system and the SSR will be used to cycle the heating ON & OFF

VW Thing : Jack & Brian are mounting the Siemens AC Motor in the back

- Painfull to watch -

Et voilà, it just sticks out a little ....

DMOC 645 mounted on the shelf

DMOC 645 & Siemens AC Motor cooling system

Rear battery box behind the rear seats

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