Sunday, April 21, 2013

Done - New GTI interconnects for the DIY ESS

I finally found time to make these short and clean interconnects for the Grid Tie Inverters stack and tested them (Video at the end of this post)

After cutting the 2.5mm2 electric wire to the right length, a little bending on each end, and using a good soldering iron, I could easily make the 6 pairs of 8mm lugs + wire interconnects 

A littler piece of thick paper to make a pattern for the next ones

Fits very nicely after a little adjustment  

Soldering quickly , filling solder inside the hole without have the plastic burn !

There is a good contact between the lug and the terminal after screwing the nut

Adding more inverters to the stack

BEFORE : The grid tie inverters already in use and wired

4 brand new ones received recently that will soon be part of the ESS

AFTER : The same stack with the new interconnects

DC Power is ON (GTI Mode) and the first inverter's AC side is switched ON 

Overview of the Grid Tie Inverters stack, Battery PackControl Board, and Wattson in the back

The whole stack is ON (DC & AC) and after long minutes of test, nothing is heating up (wires, lugs, connections) 

Net usage is low

A little video of the ESS fully using its 6 GTIs (out of 8, 2 not wired yet) going up to 1200W +

BTW, this is what I was watching on Youtube at the same time:  Daft Punk - Get Lucky

ESS overview

and this is Wattson Anywhere's Graphs for this good test sunday (click screen capture for direct link to my live graph)


  1. Oh. I found your solution with the meter and the voltage ranges...thanks


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