Thursday, April 11, 2013

DIY ESS - Watching the End of Charge Remotely with Karotz

After charging last night for several hours during off-peak hours, this morning I turned on the ESS and it went to GTI Mode during shower and breakfast

When I left home for work, and switched it to Forced Charge Mode and placed Karotz - rabbit webcam - in front of the voltmeter

The battery pack voltage climbed nicely all morning ...

until it reached the programmed charge voltage limit of 28V (3.5V per cell times 8 cells), as you can see the upper left red is ON, meaning the voltmeter relay opened and the Charge Contactor opened as well, and all the chargers stop

As a result, the pack voltage drops slowly to 26.6V (3.32V per cell times 8 cells), which is normal ...

After and hour or so, I still have the same pack voltage of 26.6V and it does not seem to move anymore at this point

Tonight, full discharge of the ESS battery pack in GTI Mode - Normal Automatic Mode -

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