Monday, March 4, 2013

Renault ZOE Test Drive: 250 km in one day

Yoann Nussbaumer from test drove the Zoé this week end and did some accelerated charging between two feeway trips between Mulhouse and Strasbourg, in the Est of France, and even got to charge in Germany just acrosss the border

This is the first long test of Zoé (after my short one at Renault ZE Center) by a person who knows and has electric vehicle - Yoann has a LEAF, like me since 2011, and tested many EVs -, and this makes a huge difference ! We see and hear too many bad things about auto journalists who can only critize EVs, and it is just a shame ...

Le câble de recharge de la Renault ZOE

La ZOE en charge sur une borne en Allemagne

Accelerated 22kW charge in Strasbourg on new public charging stations: 22kWh battery pack of the Zoe is full in 1 hour ...

140km/h is the limited speed for Zoe
Vitesse maximale pour la Renault ZOE : 140 km/h

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