Sunday, March 3, 2013

Renault ZOE manufacturing in France !

Check out this first video of Renault Zoé manufacturing process at Renault Flins factory in France

"Learn about the main phases in the manufacturing of ZOE, the 100% electric Renault supermini. In the Flins plant (Paris area), it is assembled just like any combustion vehicle, on the same production lines as New Clio (Clio IV) & Clio Collection (Clio III), by the same operators.

All the production stages are the same as for Clio : deep-drawing, stamping-press, paint, assembly. Some specific characteristics, due to the fact it is electric: its battery assembly by authorized operators, the installation of new robots in the stamping-press department to shape its particular bodyshell (to fit a battery in its underfloor), and last but not least, the on-site production of its fancy front seats."

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