Friday, March 15, 2013

New Electric presentation at EVCCON 2012

Here is the presentation of New Electric boat electric conversion activities by Anne Kloppenborg during the last EVCCON 2012 last september in Cape Girardeau (hosted by Jack Rickard - EVTV)

"Was invited by Jack Rickard of EVTV to speak at EVCCON 2012. Presentation centers around our first build; the 1974 Glastron V174 Bayflite. Technical component overview and performance data. Also talk a bit about upcoming projects."

Jack Rickard welcomes Anne Kloppenborg on stage

The superb 74' Glastron Speed Boat !

Motor, Soliton One and Charger on the test bench

Crimping stuff (you were right Anne, we have the exact same crimping tool), Ferraz Shawmut Fuse & Tyco Kilovac Contactor

That is a lot of batteries to bottom balance !

Mating of Volvo Penta & Motor with the adaptor plate

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