Thursday, March 14, 2013

Join us in Lisbon for a look at ZOE

Join us in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon to road test ZOE, Renault's newest 100% electric vehicle, and to explore its wide range of cutting edge features.

ZOE is the first car to be designed from scratch as an all-electric model, and comes equipped with a wide range of innovative technology. The car's electric motor has 220 NM of torque and can take the car from 0 to 50 KPH in just four seconds. Meanwhile, the Range OptimiZEr programme has extended the distance the ZOE can travel to make it the first production vehicle with a rated range of over 200 KM.

Renault R-Link multimedia system comes as standard, and the Tom Tom ZE Live navigation system displays a constantly-updating circle showing the vehicle's range. ZE Voice gives your car a distinctive engine sound to keep pedestrians safe, and best of all, Renault's Chameleon charger can fill the battery to 80% in just thirty minutes.

Source: Renault

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