Tuesday, March 19, 2013

EVTV Friday Show - March 15,2013

- The VW THING - electric car with a Siemens attitude
- The Boing 787 Dreamliner Battery Debacle
- VW adapter for Siemens motors

Brian is still here, for good now maybe :-)


Rebirth Auto made 10 VW adaptor plates for the Siemens 100kW Ac motor: Jack will use one in his Thing project and the rest will be available online 

Here is the VW Thing, it has been cleaned up, repainted in deep yellow, ready for conversion to electric drive

VW Thing transmission

VW Thing engine bay

Siemens AC motor and Azure Dynamics' DMOC 645 controller

Now Jack wants to put this motor and controller in the Thing

Battery boxes for the Thing are ready and installed partially; Higher voltage required by this "new" drive train, so Jack will use more cells of smaller capacity, the CALB CA60FI

Comparison between CALB CA180FI & CA60FI

Then Jack goes into the details on charging and discharging cells, talks about the Boing Dreamliner, a  100,000,000 USD brand new plane with battery packs big problems, simply because the cells get over charged (they swell, and nothing abnormal was found by investigators !)

He also mentionned that the Chevy Volt and the Nissan LEAF battery packs are both under charged, to prevent cells damages ... What a coincidence !

Jack and Brian also talked about this new VW Electric Conversion Kit from EV West (?)  / ZelectricBug

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