Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Another Tyco Kilovac Contactor and an Emergency Cut Off Pushbutton

Yesterday I got this other - brand new this time - Tyco Kilovac Contactor to replace the automotive 24V relay on the charger side of my DIY ESS. Like Jack Rickard says and uses for his heating system, it is overkill but you do not want to leave a ceramic hetaer load on that drains your battery pack to flat, for me, I do not want to chargers not to stop when the battery pack reaches the voltage limit of 3.50V per cell times 8 cells, in my case 28V

I also got, from the same eBay seller here in Paris, a small emergency cut off pushbutton/switch that will cut the 24V to the ESS box and deactivate all contactors, arduino, relays ... and hopefully stop any problem

Just realized after buying it that it is a Tyco Kilovac EV200A1ANA, and not the one I have already for the Grid Tie Inverter side, which is an EV200AAANA; The difference is that this new one I got does not have the Coil Economizer, so I guess it will use more power when the coil is activated - during the charge mode -

The 24V automotive relay, works fine, but get a bit hot, and you never know when it is going to stick/weld inside and not open when necessary, I just do not trust it as much as a good Tyco Kilovac Contactor 

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