Friday, February 15, 2013

Yeehaaaa ! My 8 CALB CA180FI Cells arrived this morning ! :-)

I still can not believe they are here finally ... I had been thinking and waiting to buy them

The delivery guy did bring one out of two parcels upstairs and my wife texted as I was on my way to work, so turned my Vectrix around and went back to take care of this - I did not want to leave these in the hallway of our building all day long -

She opened one of the box for me

and here they are, well packaged 

wow ! just as I expected :-)

And then off to work ...
I can not wait to get back home to measure the voltage of each cell, start wiring them up in series, etc ..

A lot of bottom balancing ahead ...

I read again and will use the precious advices of Jack Rickard from EVTV on these super cells 

Special Thanks to Anne Kloppenborg from Amsterdam ;-)

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