Monday, February 4, 2013

Measuring my last Mottcell LiFePO4 cells

As I already wrote few weeks ago, I made a 3 LiFePO4 cells pack with them, bottom balanced them, charged, and discharged them few times by plugging in an iPhone / iPad 12V charger, which downstages voltage to 5V anyways (so it does not have to be 12V really to work, it could be 2 cells actually)

Few days ago, around diner time, I checked the voltage of each cell, because it had been more than two weeks and we had been charging our iDevices on this mostly

You can see here the benefits of bottom balancing the cells before the first pack charge: we are reaching the lower limits of the cells and they are still in balance, coming down together:

Voltage measured still under load (iPhone is plugged in as you can see)

Cell 1 = 2.94V

Cell 2 = 2.93V

Cell 3 = 2.92V

Pack  = 8.80V

=> So, no problem, and after reffilling my iPhone fully, it will be time to recharge the pack 

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