Monday, February 18, 2013

LiFePO4 ESS with New Control Board & New CALB CA180FI - First Test

After working on this new Control Board the whole week end, I could finally test it for the first time sunday afternoon, and it worked :-)

Wiring of the AC breakers for Chargers and GTI (Grid Tie Inverters)

No more plugs, but simply wires

GTI side standard connector

I could not find any cable clamping devices, so I used these wooden spatulas from the office coffee machine and they work great 

Wiring the DC part, from the battery pack to the Tyco Kilovac contactor, and then to the GTI stack

Top view

CALB CA180FI Battery pack terminals: Thick cable & small Control Board supply cable

It works and pushes 1000W into my home grid

At night, I still had to rework on my programming for the Arduino to handle Charge & Discharge ...

and this is Wattson Anywhere graph showing generation in green

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