Thursday, February 21, 2013

LiFePO4 DIY ESS - Added the 4 remaining Relays to the Control Board

So my goal of 8 relays fro GTIs and 6 relays for Chargers is reached and I will have to test this once the CALB batteries are charged

All wired to the Arduino board

BTW, the bottom balancing step is almost complete, with each cell showing 2.75V, but I still had some showing 2.76V or 2.77V last night, so I had to lower them again; This morning, afer a night of rest , no cell is above 2.75V; If tonight they remain at this low level, I will have finished the bottom balancing step and will move to the charging step ... 

Pack voltage shows 22.0V and all cells are at 2.75V

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