Friday, February 8, 2013

GreenTech Media NYC Energy Storage Conference - My Reaction & Proposal

After watching the whole GreenTech Media conference on Energy Storage that took place in NYC the day before, I learned a lot from the speakers: this will be a fast growing market, can save people good money over time and releave stress from the grid - potentialy avoiding black outs -; A Battery ESS will have to be low cost, otherwise not many people will be willing to get one - especially if they are still paying their solar system loan -
Towards the end, these "experts in this field" agree to the conclusion that the batteries still cost too much and are not safe ... and that no real product exists right now ...

Hearing that, I could not help reacting to this "status quo" situation and posted a comment on this Youtube video: After all these months of testing my LiFePO4 Energy Storage System - ESS - , I can tell that I will be able to offer a solution pretty soon, and it will be Low Cost, will use High Quality & Safe LiFePO4 Batteries - actually the best on the market today -, and will be Fully Automatic !

As I wrote it, I think I could start offering this DIY ESS Kit for 2,500 to 3,000 Euros, that is for a 4.5kWh System

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