Monday, February 18, 2013

Discovering my New CALB CA180FI Cells

Friday night, I could at last dicover my newly arrived CALB CA180FI Cells I received in the morning

I saw that some of them had marking for 190 to 192Ah, probably measured after the first charges in the Chinese factory 

I checked the violtage of each cell and it was 3.30V for all of them

They came with basic straps, made of 4 or five layers of copper, and M8 bolts and lock washers ans washers

Fits perfectly

I thentried several layouts: in line, against a wall, it would take a very small space in a room 

for that, I had to make this strap flat and it would reach to both terminal holes 


pretty big

Now that I strapped every cell, I protect the terminals all the time to prevent any accident by short circuitiing one or sevreal cells; Total voltage of the 8S pack = 26.4V

and added the Blue Sea 150A DC Switch / Breaker

Now, I have to work on the new Control Board to start lowering the pack voltage and then do the bottom balancing of each cell

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