Friday, February 22, 2013

Bollore BlueCar for Sale in France for 12,000 EUR [Exclusive pictures]

Vincent Bollore announced yesterday that his BlueCar is for sale in 12 French cities for 12,000 EUR (after government incentive of 7,000 EUR for Electric Cars), the battery allowing 250 km of range will be rented for 80 EUR a month and it will be able to charge at Autolib Stations for 15 EUR/month as well as on a regular 220V outlet

Here is one I saw last saturday plugged in a new Autolib Station at Mairie de Paris

Focus on the Charging Options of the Blue Car: Wallbox @ 1,000 EUR, portable EVSE @ 700 EUR, or Autolib Station @ 15 EUR/month

More info on the BlueCar on


  1. Really nicer than the crude aluminium ones.

    The pininfarina logo is an elegant touch. Won't elminiate the overall bulky feeling though. Still the Renault ZOE which tops the Bluecar buy with less than two thousands euros is a much better choice in my opinion.

    1. Yes, you are right, it is not that great looking ...


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