Friday, January 25, 2013

Wattson Energy Monitor is getting a lot better !

Wattson is already a great energy monitor because it shows real time power usage & generation, and this is what people need to see to understand what is going on in their home

Day or Night, you know your usage & generation

But if you wanted to see your energy history, then you had to plug Wattson into your computer, upload the data and launch the Holmes graph software to see your usage & generation figures over the last days, months or years ... Good but a bit tedious and time consuming

Energeno will probably launch soon Wattson Anywhere, a portal where you can see all this online; Their director Mark Elliott mentionned this in his last article and Energeno has a link to one of their team member's Wattson Anywhere Public graph on their Optimmersion product page; Check out the very interesting PDF documentation of this Wattson Family Product here: Optimmersion PDF Documentation

I think that now I can say that I have been beta testing this Wattson Wifi & Wattson Anywhere plateform for the last three months and I love it; You can find my home usage and - BESPSS - micro generation graphs on my public Wattson Anywhere page

This portal is great because it works on an iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC and more ... You do not need to install any app on your device, just a web browser is needed

iPad screenshot

iPhone screenshot

You can click to zoom in and see the details of the selected period

Via a user / password link I can access the History, Analysis on the Energy Generated, Account / Set up; Here are some more screenshots (Chrome on OS X) of the History tab:

History - Power

History - Energy

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