Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nissan & Coca-Cola Test the e-NV200 in Japan

Field trials of all-electric commercial vehicle take place in Yokohama, Japan. The prototype e-NV200 combines the award-winning NV200 with the Nissan LEAF.

December 21 - Yokohama - Nissan already commands a leading position in zero emission passenger cars with the Nissan LEAF. Now the technology is being extended into commercial vehicles.

The latest company to test a prototype of the e-NV200 is Coca-Cola Central Japan Co., Ltd. The van combines the innovative powertrain of the Nissan LEAF with the practical NV200 vehicle base. It delivers not just zero emissions, but also superior acceleration and quietness.

"Our aim from this trial is not just to reduce the CO2 we are responsible for," said Yukihiko Nakamura from Coca-Cola Japan. "After the earthquake in Northern Japan there is a big demand in society for what is called "peak shift". That is to reduce the consumption of electricity during the day time. We wanted to investigate what are the challenges we face when we try to achieve these two goals. By borrowing Nissan's prototype EV we can examine it in detail."

Coca-Cola deployed the van as a regional sales vehicle, and recharged it only at night when electricity consumption is low. The trial is to determine whether one nightly charge is sufficient to meet user needs during the day.

The e-NV200 is scheduled to launch by fiscal 2014.

"Many customers have a plan, or a commitment, for the environment," said Hideyuki Tateno, Nissan's Deputy Chief Vehicle Engineer on the project. "This vehicle will make it real to reduce CO2. I am confident that in the future this electric van will be running around the world."

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