Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hydraulic Crimping Tool arrived from NL

Just received this form the NetherLands for Christmas

I knew I had to get one of these, seeing it several times at EVTV or on EVWest videos, but thought it would be very expensive and difficult to operate
I finally found and ordered this one on eBay, brand new for 40.99 EUR only, plus 6.45 EUR for shipping, and arrived in two days with GLS

It does a 16 tons of pressure (Jesus!) and hopefully will work fine to crimp some heavy gage cable endings to big lugs to carry high current on my ESS

This hydraulic crimping tool seems easy to use, and the lever is actually very smooth to operate
We'll see how it goes with real cable and lug crimping ...

I found a video of a similar one on Youtube, probably from the same Chinese maker:

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