Sunday, January 6, 2013

EVTV Friday Show - January 4, 2013 - Preview

- Electric Austin FX-1 London Taxi
- CALB CA180FI LiPo4 cell test to 2200 amps into a bucket of water
- New 530 BMW E39 Conversion project

Brandon Hollinger is taking his Austin FX London Taxi to have the motor installed at a specialiazed shop

More on his website:

Time for some news

RechargeCar Macchina : An Arduino based EV control board

Irish kamikaze Damien Maguire tests once again a CALB CA180FI cell to its limits by short circuiting it, this time in water, to make tea probably ...

He will get more than 2000 Amps from it, this is crazy ! Don't try this at home
Here it shows 1529 x 2.68 = more than 4 kW of power form a single cell !!

Amazingly, after all this crazy work, the cell is back to 3.2V ....

His next project: Convert an early 2000 Series 5 BMW to Electric Drive and starts analyzing the information on the CANbus ... 

to be continued ...

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