Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Christmas Vacation - Our LEAF exhanged for a 700 km Freeway Trip

Oh Oh Oh ... This year we had the Christmas lunch at my parents and I asked them if we could switch cars for few days since we were leaving to see my grand parents in brittany (ouest of France) soon after for the end of the year. Last year we rented a car but this year did not want to spend too much because of financial difficulties... My parents have two diesel cars, two Renault, a R21 and a Clio

We have to do this or take the train - TGV -, but here it was too late and very pricy
Some will say that if it is not good to use diesel, me the first, but here we are using it for 350km times two, mostly freeway and highway at steady paces - not city driving - and it is always better to use it for 700km than the 3000km we achieved during the first year of ownership

Maybe one day, when the fast charging stations will have spread into freeway gas stations, maybe then, we will be able to do this journey in our LEAF ... It will come ...

Here is the LEAF going into their garage after a short test drive by my father

Well, he had to be carefull because it is wider than his old R21 ...

Few days after Christmas, here we are at mid trip on a freeway rest area with the Renault Clio

and another family gathering and walks in the country side at my grand parents

On the last day, my cousin and his family joined us for lunch and we headed back towards Paris together, following each other; Here is a picture taken by my son of our previous car, the Prius II - we had it from 2005 to 2011 -, I sold him for 5.000 EUR only (Nissan would only take it back at this ridiculously low price - it was worth 9.500 EUR - and told me this at the very end when the LEAF had arrived ...); I then decided to let a member of my family have it for this price instead of Nissan and they have been using it a lot since then 

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