Friday, January 4, 2013

Blue Sea Systems - Bussmann Series 187 - 150A Marine Rated DC Circuit Breaker

Another cool item came in the mail yesterday, a High Current DC Circuit Breaker from Blue Sea Systems
It is of Thermal type, rated for 150A, and will replace the cheap 100A (not real, does 60A I think) circuit breaker I have right now on my LiFePO4 ESS

It is nice and heavy

and when I close it to switch it ON, it feels solid (not at all like the other one I had, see below)

I got it on eBay from somebody working in boat maintenance in La Ciota, a Southern French harbor close to Marseille, for a good price of 55 EUR plus 5,70 EUR for shipping

Stay tuned for a test this week end: I will then be able to plug all my Grid Tie Inverters back in, without having a disconnect ...


This cheap one I got from China two years ago will be removed ...

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