Tuesday, January 29, 2013

ESS + Wattson Anywhere = Real Time Follow up of Generated Power at Home

Now with Wattson Anywhere I can keep track of my ESS Generation Anytime & Anywhere on Any device ! For me, this is really cool ...

My LiFePO4 BESPSS = Battery Energy Storage & Power Supply System stores 4kWh of energy and pushes it back into my home grid adjusting its output automatically, thanks to Wattson color codes, to keep the usage (purchased from my utility company EDF) as low as possible

Later on, this will be much improved when my solar panels are connected to my home grid: I will then store free solar energy during the day, and feed it back to my home appliances as soon as the sun is down or when the overall home power usage is high

To seethis Real Time Graph, go to my Public Wattson Anywhere Page

Back in october, when I still had these Mottcells cells (see picture above) on my BESPSS, the generation was pretty close to the usage (see graph below)

Zoom on the two generation periods of this day: Notice how the generation follows closely the usage

The same day, but the Energy graph, showing the amount of "green" energy generated

These are two iPad screenshots taken yesterday, while having breakfast, with my (Lead AGM) BESPSS switched ON

Every 5 minutes, I get an updated graph

The following screenshots show two full days with 2 BESPSS production periods in december and in january; Note that the Wattson Anywhere portal beta release has changed in between

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