Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A day with the ESS & Wattson Anywhere

This morning I decided to show a typical day using my Energy Storage System, ESS, along with the - beta version - of Wattson Anywhere

So it starts just after I get up and start my BESPSS by switching it to Inverter Mode; The batteries have been charging all night long, during off peak hours, they are now fully charged.

After this, shower, breakfast, and during these I can see Wattson (I have one downstairs in my bedroom and another one upstairs in the dining room) and also see the usage & generation graph on my iPad using the Wattson Anywhere portal - still in beta version -

Wait until the end of the video to see me refresh the Power graph on the iPad and zoom in during the generation period

These temporary used Lead AGM Batteries do not hold much energy, but they are still usefull to continue testing my BESPSS while waiting to get some CALB CA180FI ...

After brushing my teeth, I switch the ESS back into Charge Mode for the day

After my Vectrix ride to work, I light up a cirgarette and take my iPhone out of my pocket to check mails; This is what the Wattson Anywhere portal shows
In case you are wondering, the big 2kW+ usage at night until a bit more than 2AM is the water heater, starting automatically at 10:30PM when the rate is lower - night rate is half the price of day rate here -

After a coffee and saying hi to my colleagues, I start working, and soon I check the graph again, on my office Vista plastic HP PC - :-( - with a Chrome browser

After an hour or so

Let's zoom in a little bit on the last two hours

Karotz, facing Wattson, sends me an email with a picture taken few seconds before; I can then see instant Power Usage - before Wattson Profesional and now Wattson Anywhere, this was the only way I could see my home usage -

Let's refresh my PC Wattson Anywhere graph

Now, I am soon taking a lunch break, I check the portal again and zoom in again to see the overall morning graph

After our lunch and a little coffe, here is the situation

Let's see the Energy used & generated so far: Note the Green Generated Energy this morning, which brought down almost by half the Energy Purchased from EDF, my utility company

Karotz just sent me another photo: I see some light at home ...

and the power usage has gone up, which means the heat pump is working harder to get to the desired temperature (we always lower to 16°C when out and put it back to 19°C when at home)

Back home, I switch the LiFePO4 ESS to Inverter Mode

The effect on Wattson Anywhere graph

10 minutes later

Zooming in the 2nd generation period of the day

At the end of the day, this is what it looks like on the online portal

and this is the Energy grpah for the whole day

That's it for today !

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