Thursday, December 20, 2012

ZOE : Leclerc and Renault team up for EV adoption in France

The famous French supermarket chain Leclerc received 10 ZOE from Renault at a Leclerc supermarket located in brittany (north ouest of France), for a start

Carlos Tavares, CEO of Renault, and Michel Edouard Leclerc, CEO of Leclerc were there to launch this partnership of EV rental cars, along with charging stations on the supermarket parking lot, and a nearby Renault dealer providing charging stations too.

These 10 first ZOE will be used by the employees of this supermarket and each of them had a Wallbox - EVSE - installed at home; So they will be able to charge at work, at the Renault dealership nearby, and at home ...

This partnership should expand and more Leclerc supermarkets / hypermarkets should have EVs for their employees, and their customers as rental cars, with a Renault dealership nearby   

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