Friday, December 14, 2012

PetitJean - Charge from Street Lights !

Ex-Heuliez / Mia CEO starts PetitJean, a French street light charging company

Another illustration of the idea I had years ago: use street lights poles to plug in Electric Vehicles
Power is already there, they are numerous in town, where people park along the sidewalk, so why not use them !

It is simple and uses regular outlets

Here a Mia Electric is used for demonstration purposes

David RAMEAUX explains that it straight forward and simple to build: we just cut out an opening in the pole, install regular outlets, and install a secure locking mechanism; Et voilà ! :-) - I would not install any locking mechanism and would provide free electricty to people who help getting out of gas and pollution buying an Electric Car 

LEGRAND Green'up Outlet

Demonstration parking @ PetitJean

If I reacall well, Paul QUEVEAU use to be Heuliez (former Mia Electric) CEO and was involved with creating the Friendly - the former Mia -

Their products are Made in France, and have this new label "Origine FRANCE Garantie" which means every component is also Made in France

PETITJEAN Made in France - EV Charge from Street Light Poles

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