Sunday, December 16, 2012

Exercising the remaining 3 Mottcell LiFePO4 cells

After selling my Enginer Prius PHEV Kit 32 LiFePO4 Mottcell 39Ah cells, these are the only good cells left, and I am "exercising" them by Bottom Blancing them, Charging them and Discharging them

For that I use my home made small (and cheap) Bottom Balancer, one or two Lead Acid Chargers and of course watch carfully so that I do not overcharge them, and for that I use the Bottom Balancer as a voltmeter display only, leaving the load/resistor switch OFF

For Discharging I found a way to re-use the energy by wiring the 3 cells pack to a 12V car socket, and charge iPhones and iPad with it, slowly draining it; The pack is 3 x 3,2V nominal which shows 10V more or less fully charged and I will stop when it reaches 3 x 3V = 9V and will recharge from there

Eventually I will sell these 3 cells after checking that they are fine ... and they seems to be ...

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