Saturday, December 15, 2012

EVTV Friday Show - November 30, 2012

- Azure Dynamics DMOC 645. What's inside. How do you flash it.
- Azure Dynamics eTransit Connect. Ours arrives. Nice vehicle.
- Speedster Nippon - getting closer. Lots of little stuff.

LA Auto Show:

BMWi Carbon Structure

Fiat 500e

Chevrolet Spark 

AutoBlog Green wrote an article about EVTV's raid to Azure Dynamics 

Now Jack wants to study in depth the inverter / controller used by Azure Dynamics in their eTransit Connect 

tells us about Siemens induction motors he got from them

He also wants to create VCU (Vehicle Control Unit) that would work for all EV drive conversions

Siemens induction motor torque / power graphs

Azure Dynamics eTransit Connect purchased by Jack for 6,000 USD only, because it had not gone through the final validation step 

It is brand new & works perfectly 

Speedster Nippon progress

Jack is studying a lighter way to cool the controlled using a computer series of fan system

The instrumentation is almost done

Upfront the SE Series CALB battery cells have been covered with a plexiglass sheet 

Jack shows us the "Speedster" & "Electric" signs he had specifically made for conversions; You can buy them on the online store and invert the two: "Electric Speedster" or 'Speedster Electric"

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