Friday, December 21, 2012

EVTV Friday Show - December 6, 2012

- Open Source Generalized Electric Vehicle Control Unit - GEVCU.
- Visitors from outer space, or at least the Marshall Space Flight Center.
- More DMOC 645

Flashback 3 years before: Jack takes us for a ride in his red Porsche Electric Speedster

For a moment, I thought I was watching the wrong video, until he appeared in double on the screen :-)

Jack explains his theory about the adoption curve and why EVs are selling so slowly right now 

It is because we are in the "adoption gap" phase: right after the early adopters got their EV, there is a little stagnation or very slow movement in sales 

And back in the shop with the Siemens and Azure Dynamics equipments: here a Siemens Generator that he will use as a "dyno"

Jack tells us again about his wish / will to develop an Generalized Electric Vehicle Control Unit (GEVCU); See more in the forums of the website he set up for people to exchange and do collaborative work on this device and the ...

... DMOC 645 from Azure Dynamics

He also had two guys from NASA come over, buy Siemens motor, DMOC 645, etc 

and spend some time in the shop lokking at this stuff Jack acquired from Azure Dynamics liquidation sale

Looking inside the DMOC 645 guts

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