Friday, November 2, 2012

EVTV Friday Show - October 26, 2012

China Aviation Litthium battery company (CALB) CA40FI cell 3C Fast Charge Test:
===> Surprising Results

EV News ...

From sports car conversions ...

to EV Trucks for FedEx

Rich Rudman from Manzanita Micro drinks a whisky with Jack at EVCCON 2012

Jack is back in the Battery Lab to test the New CALB CA40FI Fast Charge @ 3C !

A lot of meters and a Cool Coke

Temperature sensor on the Anode

The old good technique : writing figures on a notepad

A little temperature elevation with a Charge @ 3C, at 120A !

A little bit a Chemistry with Professor Jack

Lithium intercalation at the Anode in Carbon of a LiFePO4 Cell

Fast Charge vs Regular Charge

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