Thursday, November 1, 2012

EVTV Friday Show - October 19, 2012

This week:
- Kleenspeed announces a new EV
- Inventor of NiMH Battery & EV1
- SAE J1772 Combo Connector
- More than a regular black paint for the Battery Boxes of Speedster Nippon
- Bottom Balancing the Speedster Nippon cells

Kleenspeed announces a new EV called the KAR

The secret behind NiMH Batteries inventor and GM EV1

SAE J1772 Combo Connector

Fathers & Sons at EVCCON last september

Jack & Jesse are working on battery boxes for Speedster Nippon

Installing them in the car

Jesse came out with a nice plexiglass box to arrange the three cables of the AC50 motor nicely & securely

Upfront, looking at he braking transducer on the master cylinder, to activate regenerative braking 

Eric Kriss NEMA Marinco outlet to plug at Grandma's house (where there is no J1772 EVSE) with a regular plug

Bottom Balancing lesson again by Jack; It's always good to repeat these things :-)

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