Wednesday, November 14, 2012

EVTV Friday Show - November 2, 2012

-Speedster Nippon: 1957 Electtric Porsche Speedster 356 - battery box completion and installation of CALB SE 180AHA cells. First charge
-Description of LiFePo4 battery cell operation and failure modes: an in depth LiFePO4 Battery Chemistry Lesson with Professor Rickard

Sandy & Fisker Karma flooded burned to the ground

EV West with an amazing All Road 

Matt Auber from EV West, the live cable cutter, ex intern at EVTV shop

Jack's VW Thing has been repainted and is ready for the EV drive conversion to come

And back to the shop with Jesse and the battery cells installation in the battery boxes

A very clean job, as ususal !

Guest main switch to cut off all power for maintenance or in case a problem, and a big ceramic fuse

Jack shows up the HPEVS AC-50 Motor & Curtis 1238R-7601 Controller interconnect diagram used in this build 

AutoBlockAMP from RechargeCar: A current sensor that can do many cool things ...

Jack plays Wetaher Man with the green background 

and now an in depth lesson on LiFePO4 battery chemistry 

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